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Larry Cooperman

Larry CoopermanLarry Cooperman was born to Russian/Jewish immigrants in 1951. His father was an opera singer and Cantor in the synagogue, as well his entire family was involved in classical music and jazz.

Larry performed electric guitar with rock and jazz/rock bands culminating with "Dawn's Early Light" with Steve Ellington, Duke's nephew who was the drummer and jazz/rock musicians of the highest caliber. With the gift of a classical guitar from his Uncle a luthier, classical guitar became an obsession at the age of 20.

With a move to California from his native Savannah, GA, Larry finished his education at California Institute of the Arts as Stuart Fox, head of the guitar department thankfully whisked him away from Fresno State University with a full scholarship at CalArts. He was the first student to receive an MFA as a composer/performer and studied composition with Pulitzer Prize winner Mel Powell and other fine contemporary composers.

The Transformations of Young Werther: "This is an important piece that deserves a wide audience. Cooperman has a personal and potent creative voice."
-Ricardo Iznaola

Walking on the Water: "From the style of the composition it is quite obvious that Mr. Cooperman knows the guitar VERY well, indeed... Right from the start, this music is not for the timid... The compositional style is varied and the harmonic palette is full... I like this piece so much that I've played it for several people... It's apparent appeal to listeners of differing musical sophistication and background speaks volumes about Mr. Cooperman's music. This is the kind of modern guitar music we need:interesting, challenging and moving."
-John Bent for Soundboard, Spring 1993.

"This music had a strong impact on me... beautiful and pure... one of the best compositions of the new guitar... "
-Shin-ichi Fukuda, Dec.1996

"It is such a beautiful piece that I have decided to make it the title of my CD (eventual title of the CD became "Lyrical and Virtuosic Guitar Music"). It is very melodic and flowing and very pleasant to my ears."
-Dale Kavanagh interview with Colin Cooper-Classical Guitar Magazine, Feb.1992.

Larry Cooperman's music has had recordings and performances by such guitar luminaries as Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Dale Kavanagh, Shin-ichi Fukuda, Ingo Schnieder, Berit Strong, Antonio De Innocentis and Ricardo Cobo.

He has also been the editor of one of the Web's most heavily visited classical guitar sites since 1996 and has close to one million visitors to date.

Three Concert Etudes, publishing due in March : "At first glance the three studies in this book appear to be aimed specifically at the right hand, as all three begin with an arpeggio-type configuration but a read through quickly reveals that the left had will also benefit from a very careful, intense and possibly quite lengthy study of the music...highly attractive with some very nice effects...if you are on the lookout for a challenge, try these."
-Steve Marsh for Classical Guitar Magazine, Dec. 1990

On the Compositions and Performances of Larry Cooperman "Add Larry Cooperman's name to the list of contemporary players who are writing serious repertoire that explores new sounds and technique...entrancing, distinctive and stunning...Cooperman is an exceptional guitarist but his focal point is considerable compositional sense."
-Jim Ferguson for Guitar Player Magazine,May 1989

"Larry is an outstanding guitarist and an innovative and creative composer...he writes some extremely difficult works that would stretch the capabilities of the guitar in ways that only a performer could. The fact that he can play his own works so well is an indication of his skill as a performer. He has an extraordinarily fertile imagination as a composer and continually comes up with beautiful pieces in a wide variety of styles"
-Stuart Fox-Professor of Guitar, California Institute of the Arts. March, 1994

"...Larry is a guitarist/composer of the very first class...a truly innovative forward vision for the guitar..."
-Michael Fink-Professor of Composition, California Institute of the Arts, 1996

"...your music is original and imaginative, and that you are not the usual guitarist-composer, but a poet with something to say with guitar music."
-Angelo Gilardino 2003

"I just listened to the CD you sent me. I wanted to say your compositions are amazing to me. Above and beyond the list of scores of living composers that I read through every year I can only think of two composers who know the guitar and who write uncompromisingly at a very high level- You and Sergio Assad. Your music is thorny and beautiful at the same time and it never ceases to surprise and amaze me both in depth and expressive breadth. And that is on a single listen."
-Ricardo Cobo 2004