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 The State of the Disunion
drunk pumpkin Forums, Blogs, Rags, Mostly White Men With Too Much Time on Their Hands, the fossilization of old grudges, assorted gaffs and the reasoning behind things mostly unreasonable.

I thought Craigslist was abysmally inane and completely a slugfest of disparate people who use the anonymity of the Internet to lash out at anything moving not in their direction AND a great place ...
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Not often comes a guitar like the Sansone
The Sansone GuitarThe guitar that immediately comes to mind is the Lucas, a stylistic brother, radical in design and at the same time a useful but different in sound and appearance. They are brothers in this boldness.

Whatever is the sound of the spruce classical guitar, regardless of it can be five, seven or nine fan it is of wide tonal color. These fan bracings have been most of what existed under the top ... read more >>

The Manjon is a very powerful statement of the traditional classical guitar

The Manjon GuitarIt is actually a true banquet of sounds, more robust that 99% of the guitars I've heard and played. As this combination of woods, cedar and Indian rosewood, The Manjon has all of the clarity of a spruce guitar.

Coming in, strung with D'Addario medium basses, first and second strings, third string medium Savarez ... read more >>


 Michael Nicolella's Ten Years Past and Chesky's Concerto for Electric Guitar
Ten Years Past This is a review about two very different approaches to the grand electric guitar and orchestral escapade. From Deep Purple's silly and late sixties stupid and self inflated band and orchestra embarrassment to Yngwie Johann Maslmsteen's equally goofy "Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra In E Flat minor Op. 1," I have been yawned-out enough from pretensions of the R&R "composer." Please don't hate me young spiffy.

I say things that I eventually regret but I'm talking now and I have done my electric guitar and orchestra escapade too. It is common to old guitarists and some younger ones ... read more >>